Friday, September 18, 2009

still love her,even though she hates me.

i loose one bestfriend.
i dont want the others.
i need them.

"so pal,when u hate me,tell me.
when u need me ,count on me.
dont leave me.
just love me even when u hate me."


selain ingin orglain mengerti anda,
anda pun harus mengerti org lain.

friendship break-up ?

im not blame my self..
but this is really a guilty feeling..

tonite,i erased "a blog that she said it hurt"
i agree that im wrong bout to write that.
but,i still dont understand what she thinks now.

i miss and hate her so much at the same time
but now..i really dont care.

Monday, August 24, 2009

to : Gadis Dewi part 2

I wish you happiness and success,
Everything you have dreamt of, I must confess.
Wishing you laughter and a huge smile,
That will last longer, than just a little while.
Today’s the day we’ll celebrate,
A precious life, I must state!
Happy birthday I wish you most,
You’re a very best best friend :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

i miss them

i miss those old times girls..
i miss our competitions..
i miss our lazy practice :D
i miss our senior..
i miss all of laugh n cry with them..
i miss celebrated our 1st winner !
i really miss all of cheerleading stuff that i realize i wont never come back..
i miss u girls.. so damn much !

"never meant to love u,but i do "

Saturday, August 22, 2009


"never wanna to touch u
but i didn't turn off that way..
never wanna to kiss u
cos i knew that i feel this way..
never thought that i find somebody
someone to share my dreams..

the only thing that really matter is..
you wanna be with me...
just wanna spend my time with u
wherever we go whatever we do

i dont know if u know but i never felt the way i do
this why i wanna scream n shout it
the dream u dream they can come true
just want the rest of my days to..
end and begin with u..."

^Brian Mcknight^

-tha's fav-

ps : so i repeated this song again n again..